Tibetan Mandala in Beads by Brandi Jasmine

A mandala is a circular symbol used in many different cultures for purification, meditation and healing. The Tibetan Buddhists have perfected the art of sand painting, and their mandalas are usually temporary installations that are later destroyed, and wiped away, to be disposed of in water as a form of ritual prayer or sacrifice. This beaded painting is inspired by a number of different Tibetan mandalas.  This particular mandala is a based on a number of Tibetan mandalas that focused particularly on healing and abundant life. The outer ring symbolizes wisdom, the four points, the four elements, and the rainbow inner square, the colors of the chakras.

This Tibetan Mandala is 20 inches square, and is mounted on a 1.5 inch deep stretched canvas. It is designed to be displayed without a frame. It contains 22 Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones, 4 moon-shaped crystals, 8 Swarovski Rivoli crystals, 32 Opalite beads, 114 Red Coral beads, 130 Hematite beads and thousands of glass seed beads.

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