What are #jjoys?

I love to paint, and I love a good treasure hunt! I have seen a couple similar treasure hunts, and I figured it would be fun to start one in my local community (Welland has an annual Easter Art Hunt which I also highly recommend!). So what I have done is painted some keepsake stones, and hidden them around the Niagara Region. I looked for a hastag no-one seemed to be using, and came up with #jjoys (short for “Jasmine’s Joy Stones”).  If you find one, I hope it brings you joy and good fortune. Each stone will be unique, and now and then I may also hide away some larger pieces, like pyramids and domed paperweights. I’ll give a hint, sometimes written, sometimes a picture taken near the hiding spot.

If you find one, all I ask is that you put it on your web site or social media page with the hashtag #jjoys, and post a picture of where you found it. I’ll link to your posts here (contact me via email as well to let me know, just in case I miss it). If you have a cool story about it I’d love to hear from you! I will update on the gallery blog when I have hidden new pieces. Today I am hiding this pair of beauties somewhere in Welland.

#nfjoys - Niagara Falls Joy Stones by Brandi Jasmine

Hint: Somewhere By The Sea, Sunny Way of Welland.

I welcome the participation of other local artists as well! I only ask you link to this page, and I will link to your page in return.

I also welcome commissions for small stones on a volunteer-donation basis. Pickup only in Welland, donation amount, your own choice, plus one item of non-perishable food for the food bank (not expired items please), or socks, or toiletries so I can donate them to the food bank or local charities. Just tell me what color and style you would like, and I will make one for you (I will need 7 days notice).

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Mark · September 6, 2022 at 8:00 am

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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