These three designs are dedicated to my favorite radio show, Coast to Coast AM. Whether they are talking about conspiracies, UFOs, psychic phenomena, bigfoot, crop circles or science and politics, they keep millions of folks entertained and informed in the wee hours of the morning. I thought they would be perfect subjects for jack-o-lanterns! If you haven’t heard the show, I highly recommend you give them a listen! I hope that Coast Fans will recognize the resemblance to the show’s hosts, George Noory, Art Bell, and Ian Punnett.

I carved the George Noory pattern on an artificial pumpkin – in my pumpkin I added a UFO and a space alien peeking over George’s shoulder. You can add your own embellishments to any of these designs to make them your own creation. I’d love to see your carvings … email me a picture of your carvings from one of my patterns and I will put it up on the web!