To whom it may concern,

I am a shopper at your stores, and with the recent health crisis, I have noticed many stores are limiting access to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the resulting lineups are both impractical for the disabled or elderly, and downright dangerous with regards to the virus.

I have seen lineups where people are nowhere near 6 feet apart. In my opinion, this is worse than doing nothing at all. They also make shopping painful, even impossible for people with other health concerns or disabilities.

Please see: … I searched for “virtual queue app”, and there are many options available for a company like yours. I strongly recommend you look into this at once. These apps give you the ability to assign numbers, and people can either wait outside or in their cars, without fear of getting too close to others or having to stand in line.

I have no financial interests in this, I’m just a concerned citizen who would like to see something safer and more practical for the widest number of people. For people without cell phones, a number can be given, and people could be encouraged to bring a folding seat instead of waiting in their cars. There could be painted or duct tape strips blocking off space so people don’t sit or stand too close to each other.

I appreciate your swift consideration of this idea.

Yours truly,


Update: I see that my local Scotiabank has implemented a virtual queue. You scan a qr code, and they send you a message letting you know it’s your turn to come in! In the meantime you can wait in your car or grab some chips at the chip truck in the same parking lot. Well done, Scotiabank.

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