Paint Night Artist

I know most art students expect to see easels on the table during paint nights, but I have decided not to use them in my paint night classes. There are a few reasons I don’t use easels in my paint night classes, primarily cost, transportation and student interaction. They make for a more traditional “artsy” atmosphere, but there is a downside.

In many paint night venues, space is at a premium. If I can’t get around the table, I can’t view your progress as easily. Easels also get in the way of eye contact between participants, which limits socializing and idea sharing between the students. It’s just more fun without them!

I work on a limited budget, and easels are pricey. Easels are hard to transport (I have a chronic back condition and a small car). They start looking pretty gross after 3-4 classes, too.

I never use easels in my own studio, except for display purposes. Heck, half the time I don’t even use a table! I like to hold the canvas in my hands, to move it around. I find it easier to paint on a flat surface, and I don’t have to worry about keeping an easel clean.

All that being said, if you are coming to one of my classes, and you want to use an easel, please feel free to bring one, or I can provide one to you, space permitting (there will be an additional charge, cost will vary, depending on availability, but you will be able to take it home with you after the class).

Do you prefer to paint with or without an easel? Weigh in on my Facebook page at: