A horrified #WJOYS Welland Joystone Pumkin … I didn’t even notice what look like blood spots until I looked at the photo! It’s not blood though, it’s most likely fruit droppings of some kind … fruit that you can only buy on the weekend at this hiding place in Welland.


This special #NFJOYS Niagara Joy Stone is not a stone, but a pyramid, getting ready to beam up in Niagara Falls! I am having a hard time finding the stone shapes I like, so I’m going to add some plasterite and concrete pieces as well. Some of them will be pyramids, globes, but some will also be plasterite or concrete in stone shapes. Plasterite is a combination of crystals, plaster, metal shavings, and other special ingredients designed to bring in positive energies. I make no special claims for mine, but I like the idea of spreading good vibes! Even if you only enjoy them for the fun or for my art, then I guess that’s good enough!


Full moon and a water tower. #NFJOYS


A sunny #NFJOYS Joystone in a park near the river.


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