DSC09434I just finished this little project, and wanted to share it with you. Well, partly finished. But I could not wait to finish the skirt before I shared it. All you will need is a cheap plastic stool, glue, mosaic pieces, grout and water. I got my stool from a dollar store for $3.00. The mosaic pieces are small glass stones that came from Michael’s, but you can use tiles, glass or any other alternative. One day I’d like to try it with sanded and polished wood, stained glass, or semi-precious stones. The only limit is your imagination.

The finished piece on this particular stool would not be suitable for sitting on. There is too much “give” in the plastic, and any heavy weight might end up cracking the grout. I’m going to use it as a bed-side stand for a clock and water glass.


DSC09437It’s an extremely easy project, but can get a bit messy at the grouting stage, so cover your work space with lots of newspaper. Just glue the mosaic pieces down with any reasonably affordable glue. Let the stool dry overnight. Prepare your grout per the instructions on the container, apply until the whole piece is covered, and let dry until dry to the touch. I find that the grouting can be tricky. I let it dry longer than my manufacturer suggests, otherwise I find chunks of it tend to come off. Once the grout is dry, wipe with a wet cloth or sponge until you see the tops of the mosaic pieces are clear. Let dry, and wipe again with a wet cloth.

I’d welcome grouting tips, by the way. I haven’t fully mastered the art of grouting. Sometimes I find small bits break off, and I have to re-apply grout to those areas. Let me know if you have any suggestions and I will add them to this post!

~ Brandi


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