Supplies and Links for Rock Painting Classes

Best place to get paint? Dollarama. Their brand DecoArt is better than the brand at other dollar stores. It has more pigment, so less coats are required.

The dot tools I mentioned are available on eBay.

There are too many possibilities for the water slip stickers I mentioned. Do a search for “water slip stickers nail art” on eBay though, and you will find all kinds of them. I just ordered a zodiac set! Can’t wait for them to get here  … but the suppliers are often in China. So allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The fine liner brushes with the rubber tips I used are available on eBay too. I use these for larger dots:

I will be bringing some of the powdered pigments I mentioned to the next class. Here is a sample of them, again, on eBay: Do a search for “nail art powder” for more colors and types.

Rocks! Can’t forget those (laugh). Dollarama and WalMart have river rocks. Dollarama’s rocks tend to be the polished agate rocks, smaller, though they vary in size. WalMarts are a bit pricey at around $7.00 for a small bag. You can get nice smooth river rocks at landscape suppliers. I like The Landscape Depot, 4231 Montrose Road. You can get a nice big bag of rocks or pick your own out in their yard. … they close for the winter around the end of October and open again mid-April. Visit their web site or call for hours. They have a Facebook page too: Also, check out Niagara Block at 5000 Montrose Road: … nice people! You have to drive all the way to the back of the lot, past some trucks, to find the river rocks. Their Facebook page is at

Since certain shapes of rocks are hard to find, I make my own with neo-selenite. It is a combination of plaster, Himalayan rock salt, sand, and metal shavings. I add dolomite to my version, and I keep quartz crystals in my water. I also recently got an app that generates solfeggio tones, and have started infusing the water and setting castings with specific tones designed to crystallize the castings with their related intentions (peace of mind, coping with anxiety, healing, etc). I’m working on a chakra set of stones, stay tuned! (pun intended). I really LOVE the effect!

At some point I will teach a class in how to cast your own “faux rocks”. If you are interested, respond to this post and once we have enough interest I will set it up. It will be free for the class, but a donation to cover the cost of supplies would be much appreciated (or bring some canned or dry goods and I will pay it forward to the food bank) .

Personally I much prefer the faux rocks to the real ones. You can’t tell the difference once they are painted.