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During my class I often run through a number of different tools and supplies and some are a bit hard to find. So I am creating this list in one spot so everyone can come to this page to find what they need.

Paint: I get my paint primarily from Dollarama and Michaels. The best craft paint I have found so far, and the most affordable, is Crafter’s Acrylic, available at Dollarama. The Acryliqué brand that is available at other dollar stores is acceptable but there is not as much pigment. It will take 2 coats of Crafter’s Acrylic, but 2-4 coats of Acryliqué to give a good base coat.  Almost any brand you find in Michaels will be good, but you may find pigments are light in all the neon colors.

Paint Brushes: I get Fine Line Paint Brushesmy paint brushes primarily from Dollarama. They have some really nice ones in a set with synthetic bristles. For fine line paint brushes, I get them on eBay. Good quality fine line brushes that last a while are expensive and hard to find at local stores. You can get them super cheap on eBay. The fine liner brushes with the rubber tips I used are available on eBay too. I use these for larger dots:




Nail Art Dotting ToolsDotting Tools: Definitely eBay! I have ordered some and when they arrive I will sell them in class for $1.00 each, but you can buy your own on eBay as well.








Interference/Metallic Powders: These are the powders that give a metallic sheen to your paintings. Again, eBay is the best source. You can sometimes get sets of them at Michael’s, but they are expensive. Definitely coupon only! (laugh).

I may have found a wholesale supplier for the powders. I will update you when I get more info.

Rocks: I have been told there are some nice rocks around the gazebo at Niagara on the Lake, at Port Colborne, The Beaches at Toronto. You can pick them up affordably at Niagara Block on Montrose Street. Lovely people there too! Tell them I sent you. Dollarama and WalMart have river rocks. Dollarama’s rocks tend to be the polished agate rocks, smaller, though they vary in size. WalMarts are a bit pricey at around $7.00 for a small bag.

Zodiac WaterSlip DecalsWaterslip Decals: There are too many possibilities for the water slip stickers I mentioned. Do a search for “water slip stickers nail art” on eBay though, and you will find all kinds of them. I just ordered a zodiac set! Can’t wait for them to get here … but the suppliers are often in China. So allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.




Faux Rocks: Since certain shapes of rocks are hard to find, I make my own with neo-selenite. It is a combination of plaster, Himalayan rock salt, sand, and metal shavings. I add dolomite to my version, and I keep quartz crystals in my water. I also recently got an app that generates solfeggio tones, and have started infusing the water and setting castings with specific tones designed to crystallize the castings with their related intentions (peace of mind, coping with anxiety, healing, etc). I’m working on a chakra set of stones, stay tuned! (pun intended). I really LOVE the effect! I will eventually get around to posting a tutorial as well.