Finished this a while ago, but hadn’t gotten around to sharing it … “Inspiratia and the Planet of Misfit Beads”. It is a 20×28″ stretch canvas, mixed media, done with my “Embeadery” process. Thousands of seed beads, hand painted resin, glass moon, and hematite accents, glass mirror tiles, a mystic crystal comet head, peacock feather, and purple fiber optics. You can put in an LED light to light up the tail of the comet. It is beaded around the edges, no frame required.



$2,000, USD. Shipping included in the US and Canada. Outside the US and Canada, please email first to set up shipping costs.





This is the back, with a closeup of the light fixture. It is a small pen light. The small dark patch is a felt patch to cover a hole I cut as at one point I was going to have a light switch that was hidden in the tail of the comet. I found this light pen which did the job a lot better. It is held in a small plastic tube. The pen light is powered by 4 LR41 watch batteries (readily available in many dollar stores).








Here is a video of what it looks like with and without the lights turned on:

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