My Embeaded Micro-Mosaics are created from thousands of tiny seed beads, semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski Crystal Elements. I created my own unique tools to facilitate the embeading process, which is a form of mixed media fine art combining techniques from beaded embroidery, beadwork, mosiacs and embedding.


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Brandi Jasmine

Sun-Moon Kiss

Sun-Moon Kiss is a round stretched 3-D circular frame, featuring gold, blue, and white seed beads in the shape of the Sun and Moon, locked in their eternal dance. 12″ diameter, 1″ deep, Convexo rounded canvas. No frame required.











Inspiratia and the Planet of Misfit Beads

Finished this a while ago, but hadn’t gotten around to sharing it … “Inspiratia and the Planet of Misfit Beads”. It is a 20×28″ stretch canvas, mixed media, done with my “Embeadery” process. Thousands of seed beads, hand painted resin, glass moon, and hematite accents, glass mirror tiles, a mystic crystal comet head, peacock feather, and purple fiber optics. You can put in an LED light to light up the tail of the comet. It is beaded around the edges, no frame required.









Here is a video for “Inspiratia” … showing the lights better. It’s a bit shaky in parts, but it gives a better idea of color, size, and how bright the fiber optics are.








This is the back, with a closeup of the light fixture. It is a small pen light. The small dark patch is a felt patch to cover a hole I cut as at one point I was going to have a light switch that was hidden in the tail of the comet. I found this light pen which did the job a lot better. It is held in a small plastic tube. The pen light is powered by 4 LR41 watch batteries (readily available in many dollar stores).

Blue Flame Sugar Skull

Blue Flame Sugar Skull is a 3-dimensional sculptural work of fine art in beads. There are numerous hand-made resin faux opal and fax amber pieces, a large mystic crystal, class and Swarovski Rivioli stones embedded in the beaded skull. This skull represents the blue fire of death cleansing the way for new life as symbolized by the flower at the base of the skull. The floral motif is echoed on the bottom in a monochrome white on white flower pattern. There is a black silk cord attached for hanging, this may be removed if pedestal display is preferred.


Celtic Crown Chakra Knot in Beads

Celtic Crown Chakra Knot in Beads














This 16 ” Round Canvas beaded Celtic Crown Chakra Knot was originally an acrylic painting. I decided it was kind of plain, and decided to use the canvas for this beaded art. There are hundreds of gold colored glass seed beads and “e” beads, and dark purple small bugle beads over the rounded edges of the canvas. This dramatic, shield-like piece of fine beaded art is meant to be displayed without a frame.

Tibetan Mandala in Beads

Tibetan Mandala in Beads by Brandi Jasmine

A mandala is a circular symbol used in many different cultures for purification, meditation and healing. The Tibetan Buddhists have perfected the art of sand painting, and their mandalas are usually temporary installations that are later destroyed, and wiped away, to be disposed of in water as a form of ritual prayer or sacrifice. This beaded painting is inspired by a number of different Tibetan mandalas.  This particular mandala is a based on a number of Tibetan mandalas that focused particularly on healing and abundant life. The outer ring symbolizes wisdom, the four points, the four elements, and the rainbow inner square, the colors of the chakras.

This Tibetan Mandala is 20 inches square, and is mounted on a 1.5 inch deep stretched canvas. It is designed to be displayed without a frame. It contains 22 Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones, 4 moon-shaped crystals, 8 Swarovski Rivoli crystals, 32 Opalite beads, 114 Red Coral beads, 130 Hematite beads and thousands of glass seed beads.

Commission: Antahkarana

Antahkarana is my newest beaded piece, a special commission by a Reiki master. The Antahkarana is an ancient symbol used in Reiki to enhance healing and meditation practice.  The Antahkarana represents the connection between the physical and the Higher Self. It is also used by some to clear negative energies from people or objects. In this version, the colors in the outer ring of the Antahkarana represent the rainbow of the chakras. I added a ring of genuine amethyst crystal beads for healing (Higher Self) and a ring of hematite beads for grounding (Physical).

Antahkarana Reiki Symbol in Beads

This piece is not for sale.

Celtic Knot Pentacle

I have just finished a new beaded piece, a Celtic Knot in the shape of a pentacle or five-pointed star. The rich colors of red, gold and turquoise highlight this unique piece. It is 12” round, on a curved stretched canvas form. The pentacle is a sacred symbol in many different cultures. In modern neo-pagan beliefs, the pentacle represents bringing spirit into matter.

Celtic Pentacle in Beads 

Celtic Pentacle in Beads

Beaded Gecko Wall Hanging

Beaded Gecko Wall Hanging Beaded Gecko Wall Hanging - Detail

Beaded Gecko Wall Hanging by Brandi JasmineThis cheeky gecko piece is make from cut particle board with recessed grooves for wall hanging. It is approximately 15″ long and 1/4″ deep. There are 10 small shell stones on each toe. The center floret is a carved white shell flower. There are a number of accent stores including three reconstituted turquoise stones, two hand made resin teardrops, and two clear Swarovski Crystal Rivoli stones in the eyes.

Click here for a closer look!

Peace Quartet

I have just finished a short series of four Peace Symbols. Peace Dove is a Christian symbol representing the white dove of the Holy Spirit coming down from heaven with a Swarovski Rivoli Crystal accent. Om Peace is the sacred Hindu “Om” symbol, with a Swarovski Rivoli Crystal accent.  I have also done a modern Peace Symbol in pink and violet with clear mystic crystal accents. The final piece is a Chinese Yin/Yang symbol with two Swarovski Rivoli Crystal accents. Each piece in the series is 6″ square, 1.5″ deep, and beaded to the edge. They are all meant to be displayed without frames.

Peace Dove in Beads Peace Dove in Beads

Click here to view larger detail from Peace Dove Beaded Micro-Mosaic

Om Symbol in Beads Om Symbol in Beads

Click here to view larger detail from OM Symbol Beaded Micro-Mosaic

Peace Symbol in Beads 

Click here to view larger detail from Peace Symbol Beaded Micro-Mosaic

Yin Yang Symbol in Beads Yin Yang Symbol in Beads

Click here to view larger detail from Yin Yang Symbol Beaded Micro-Mosaic

All the images on this post can be used freely as clip-art for web sites, and on social media pages, provided that the copyright notice is not removed, and that there is a link back to this page ( and/ or you “Like” my Facebook page here:

StarBurst (Sold)

In this unique work of fine art, hundreds of tiny glass seed and long glass bugle beads are individually glued to a stretched round canvas to represent the mid-day sun and it’s powerful corona. This stunning piece is approximately 16″ round with curved edges and is meant to be displayed without a frame.

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